Why is there a crack on the back of the saw blade?


Fault performance: The frequent breakage of the band sa […]

Fault performance:
The frequent breakage of the band saw blade that was just bought prevented the production from catching up. Later, it was found that many small cracks appeared on the back of the band saw blade, and each time the break was on these small cracks.
cause of issue:
1. The band sawing machine is not clean, the iron is brushed, the brush is not in place, the band saw blade brings the iron cutting to the wheel, and some iron cutting will remain on the saw wheel, and will repeatedly put in contact with the saw blade. The saw blade ejects cracks.
2. In the turbine box with the band sawing machine, the bearing may be burnt, causing the inclination angle of the saw wheel to change. When the new saw blade is used, the saw blade can be seen at the edge of the saw wheel, and then the saw blade falls down again, and the obvious can be heard. The  sound, in this case the saw blade will be broken in less than 2 days.
3. It may be that the quality of the band saw blade on your sawing machine is not good.