Horizontal band sawing machine safe use operation procedures


First, the operator should be familiar with the general […]

First, the operator should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the machine tool, the transmission system and the operating method. The operator must hold a “device operation certificate” to operate independently.

Second, according to the provisions of oil lubrication. Make sure the machine is lubricated.

3. Before work: Carefully check whether the fastening screws of each part of the equipment are loose or not, and whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable.

4. New equipment and equipment that has been deactivated for a long time should do the following work before use:

1. Check the grounding and reliable insulation electricity is not less than 0.5MΩ;
2. Run for three minutes, observe the operation and discharge of the coolant, and start cutting after confirming normal;
3, returning several times for clamping and lifting action to eliminate the air in the oil passage;
4. Tighten the band saw blade.

V. At work

1. It is strictly forbidden to use equipment overloaded.
2. The operator should select the belt speed correctly according to the hardness of the material.
3. The operator should observe the hydraulic gauge at any time, and the working pressure should be 1.5~2MPa.
4. When the saw frame is rapidly descending close to the sawtooth, it is strictly forbidden to continue to use the rapid drop to avoid accidents.
5. When changing the belt speed, the position of the V-belt needs to be changed. The power must be cut off first, and the V-belt should not be used to prevent the pulley from crushing the hand.
6. Stop the parking immediately if abnormal conditions are found, and ask the maintenance worker to check and repair.