Correct use of band saw blades


1. Serrated tooth saw: The correct choice of sawtooth p […]

1. Serrated tooth saw: The correct choice of sawtooth pitch is as important as the choice of feed rate and sawing speed. Excessive serration can cause the band saw blade to break, the saw marks to bend and the saw teeth to wear too fast. The gap between the serrated and dense teeth is filled, and the saw teeth are easily broken.
2, serrated tooth shape: each tooth shape design has an ideal application, the tooth shape is too weak to cause the saw tooth to break, the tooth shape selection error sawtooth wear too fast.
3, running-in: Each band saw blade should be run-in to obtain the maximum service life. If the band saw is improperly worn, it will cause the sawtooth to wear too fast and the vibration force is large, which may cause the surface of the product to be rough.
4, band saw life: all band saw blades will be scrapped due to wear, pay attention to signs of wear. The saw teeth are worn and the saw marks are bent and the band saw blade is slippery, and the surface of the product is rough.