What are the unique features of wood drying equipment?


In simple and easy-to-understand terms, wood drying equ […]

In simple and easy-to-understand terms, wood drying equipment is a special equipment for drying wood. It has a large drying output value. The selected materials are also excellent materials and have many advantages. Let us give us the following Introduce the benefits of the equipment: automatic drying to ensure the quality of drying. Avoid the danger of boiler blasting and fire in the drying kiln.

The boiler workers are reduced, and there is no need to extend the salary of specialized boiler workers. The equipment does not need to undergo an environmental assessment, which avoids the expenditure caused by emissions. There is no need to keep the boiler on file, which reduces the annual inspection cost. Enhance the overall image of the enterprise, be a pioneer in environmental protection, and be an environmentally friendly enterprise with social responsibilities.

The lifting equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the tug and the rolling ring are well matched, which greatly reduces wear and power consumption. Transfer and collect the inexhaustible heat in the air for free heating, and the drying cost of the equipment is low, which is conducive to competition in the same industry. The planned retaining wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by equipment skew operation. Strong anti-overload capability, stable operation of the cylinder and high reliability.

Wood drying equipment is very important when planning, especially when selecting heat sources, it will directly affect environmental protection, and the materials selected during manufacturing will also directly affect quality, so manufacturers must remember when they produce Stay abiding by the rules.