How does the wood dryer solve the wood defects?


Wood dryers are equipment used for drying in the wood p […]

Wood dryers are equipment used for drying in the wood processing industry. Regarding the many problems faced during the processing, the more serious one is the problem of wood defects. Let us introduce the equipment to deal with wood defects: The sapwood of most tree species is more susceptible to fungus damage than the heartwood with a higher extract content.

These blemishes often appear when the moisture content of the sawn timber is above the fiber saturation point in the early stage of dryness, and when the nutrients, moisture, oxygen and wood temperature meet the needs of fungi. When the wood is stored for drying or under certain boring conditions, sapwood discoloration, rot and decay will occur.

The dryness of the wood is shortened, resulting in different dryness and defects of the tree species. Tensile stress occurs in the outer layer to compensate for the compressive stress of the inner layer. When the tensile stress of the outer layer exceeds the elastic limit, the wood will be deformed. In the initial or early stage of dryness, the outer layer of the board loses moisture. If the fiber saturation point is reached, the outer layer begins to shorten.

The drying equipment selected for the wood drying equipment has high heat power, so it has a very important effect on the drying of wood, and it can also deal with the defects of traditional equipment. It has become a more popular type of drying in the new century. equipment.