What are the effects of improper use of wood drying equipment?


Wood drying equipment can make good use of high tempera […]

Wood drying equipment can make good use of high temperature and hot air to quickly dry wood. Nowadays, there are still some people who cannot use the equipment correctly. Improper use of the equipment will bring many bad consequences. Let me introduce the equipment below. The consequences of improper use: excessive uneven shrinkage of the wood surface, shrinkage is often accompanied by internal cracks. The correction method is to use soft reference drying and appropriately reduce the drying temperature to prevent shrinkage to a certain extent.

Warpage is a kind of compound deformation. Tile bending, bow bending, bending and torsion often occur at the same time, which makes the wood lose its use value. The correction method is to use saturated steam treatment in an appropriate state, which can reduce the degree of warpage.

Cracking: According to the different parts of the cracking, it can be divided into three types: end cracking, face cracking, and internal cracking, all of which are caused by uneven drying and different evaporation rates of water in each part, resulting in local stress. The correction method is to adjust the drying standard of the equipment to slow down the evaporation of water.

According to different shapes, bending can be divided into bow bending (bending along the grain) and tile bending (bending across the grain). The correction method is to use spacers to stack wood correctly and place heavy objects on the top of the stack. The wood drying equipment has strong scalability and the design takes into account the production margin. Even if the output increases slightly, there is no need to replace the equipment. We should pay attention to the use of such simple equipment, and follow the correct steps to maintain the equipment regularly and extend it. Period of use.