What are the main devices of the automatic woodworking band saw machine?


1. Place the tripod of the woodworking band saw machine […]

1. Place the tripod of the woodworking band saw machine on the foundation of the band saw machine steadily.
2. The saw wheel is the main component of the woodworking band saw machine, and the upper and lower saw wheels must be adjusted on a vertical plane. The outer diameter edge of the saw wheel should be perpendicular to the center of the machine base saw cut. The lower saw wheel is adjusted by the tightening bolts on the suspension bearing bracket. Adjustment of the upper saw wheel: loosen the locking bolt behind the upper saw wheel bearing seat, rotate the adjusting screw, the upper wheel bearing seat and the body move relative to each other, so that the position of the upper wheel pressing wheel is accurately in the horizontal plane Adjustment.
3. The upper wheel lifting device is used to correctly adjust the center distance of the two wheels, so that it can be tightened and loaded and unloaded according to the length of the saw blade. Push the hand wheel forward, turn the hand wheel, the upper saw wheel can rise or fall in parallel. If you need to adjust the inclination of the upper saw wheel, pull the hand wheel back to separate the pin on the wheel shaft of the hand wheel from the left bevel tooth claw. At this time, turn the hand wheel and only the right bevel tooth rotates through the screw. The right guide column is raised and lowered separately to achieve the purpose of adjusting the inclination. In this way, the saw blade can be tightened and the blade can be prevented from channeling.
4. In order to ensure that the tension of the saw blade is balanced during sawing, the woodworking band saw machine is equipped with a lever-type tensioning device. The weight of the hanging hammer must be increased or decreased according to the width and thickness of the saw blade used. The tension of the saw blade is generally different. Less than the recommended value.
5. The woodworking band saw machine is equipped with a saw card device to prevent the saw blade from violently swinging when it is running at high speed. The saw card can be raised and lowered frequently with the size of the sawn wood. The inner lining of the saw card should be made of hard mixed wood, and the end of the saw blade should be held in the direction of the grain. The gap between the saw clip and the saw blade is generally about 0.15-0.25mm.
6. The woodworking band saw machine is equipped with a backing device. Adjusting the distance between the backing board and the saw blade, it can saw all kinds of boards and talents of different specifications.
The band saw machine is a sports car band saw machine: the so-called sports car refers to the material feeder that clamps the logs to feed the band saw blade. The action that the PLC needs to complete is to control the positioning of the sports car. The power equipment of a sports car is an electric idea assembled on the chassis, which drives the main shaft of the sports car to reciprocate through gear transmission. The advancement of the sports car is the working stroke, and the retreat of the sports car is the return stroke. The working process is: first, the sports car table runs at a certain speed for an interval, and when the system receives the forward command again, it runs at the same speed for the same interval, and this interval can be modified. When the system receives a retreat instruction, it will return to the journey until the instruction is cancelled. The forward and reverse rotation of the electric idea control the forward and retreat of the sports car table. Realize the control of the direction of the electric idea through the PLC control system.
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