What benefits can woodworking band saws bring to workers?


When traditional mechanical operations can no longer me […]

When traditional mechanical operations can no longer meet the needs of modern wood processing and production, multi-blade saws have been developed. Compared with band saws, multi-blade saws have the advantages of faster speed,
Compared with a band saw, it can increase the production efficiency of the substrate several times. The worker is easy to operate. The automation of the multi-blade saw makes the wood processing simple. No more skilled workers are required. Ordinary workers can use it after simple training. , The sawing road is small. Due to the development of alloy saw blades, the minimum sawing road of multi-blade saws can reach 1.8mm. Also, because the speed of the saw blades of multi-blade saws is very high, the blade setting is reasonable, and the surface quality of sawing is very smooth. The high efficiency of multi-blade saws meets the needs of modern wood automated machinery production.
The emergence of cemented carbide saw blades provides a basic technical guarantee for the emergence of multi-blade saws. The hardness of the alloy saw blade bit is as high as HRC74-81.5, and it can withstand high temperatures of 800-1000 degrees Celsius.
Using multi-blade saws to produce wood, the highest speed can reach 10 meters per minute. Taking a 20cm round log as an example, it works 8 hours a day and the feeding speed is 4.5 meters per minute. The wood square that can be produced per day will reach 60-70 square meters. , Which greatly improves the production efficiency of the basic material in the previous process of the plate.
Multi-blade saws have been developed into a series of automated sheet material production lines. Among them, multi-blade round saws are used for basic lumber. The produced sheets have a skin, and then pass through the edge slide saw to slide the edges to become slats or square materials. , So you can proceed to the next step of processing.
Band saw machine/woodworking band saw machine series, band saw machine series equipment are new products developed by our factory on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and investing a large amount of superior resources. The advent of this series of saws effectively meets the processing needs of precious wood from the majority of wood processing manufacturers. Compared with the circular saw, the band saw has the advantage of a smaller saw path, and the saw path is only 1.1mm. The gantry band saw machine and fully automatic band saw machine developed by our factory have the advantages of fast speed, precise processing size, simple and convenient operation. The automatic band saw machine only needs one person to work.
This series of equipment is the first choice for processing large mahogany, sandalwood and other precious woods. The automatic band saw adopts advanced equipment such as automatic feeding, automatic discharging and returning, which is the best choice for enterprises to save labor and reduce the labor intensity of staff. The automatic band saw can not only saw round wood, square wood, semicircular shape and other raw materials, but also can saw all kinds of special-shaped wood. This equipment not only represents the current development trend of domestic high-end band saws, but also with its advantages of durability, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, labor and material saving, accurate discharge size, and high degree of automation, it has become indispensable in the field of woodworking machinery. A wood processing equipment.