Exquisitely manufactured drying equipment, have you chosen the right one?


Drying equipment is a mechanical device that can evapor […]

Drying equipment is a mechanical device that can evaporate the moisture in wet materials or solutions with high water content to obtain dry materials. It is a general term, and there are dozens of large categories and hundreds of small categories of boring equipment. If you need to choose a set of drying equipment for your material, how to choose it?
Box-type drying equipment, common hot air circulation ovens, tunnel ovens, mesh belt dryers. This is a type of boring equipment that is used very frequently. Suitable for drying all kinds of solid materials. Such as Chinese herbal medicine, seafood, vegetables and fruits, etc. It is characterized by simple operation, stable operation and low cost. Therefore, for general materials, the first consideration is to use familiar drying equipment.
Vacuum drying equipment is a new type of equipment evolved from box drying equipment. The first is to change the drying environment to a vacuum environment, and then carry out the drying operation through the heat conduction inside the body. Vacuum drying equipment is the necessary equipment for some special materials, such as heat-sensitive materials, easily oxidized materials and so on. Due to the special advantages of the vacuum environment, the boiling point of water is lowered, and low temperature drying can be used, and at the same time, there is no influence of oxygen, and it is also suitable for drying of oxidizable materials.
Airflow drying equipment is also a very important drying equipment specially designed for powder materials. The preparation of common chemical raw materials, such as white carbon black, barium sulfate, etc., can be dried by air-flow drying equipment. The main principle is to make the material continuously tumble and exchange heat in the strong hot air, and then let the water escape from the material, and finally use a spiral separator and a dust collector to separate gas and solid to obtain dry materials.
The spray drying equipment is a drying equipment that directly dries liquid materials such as solutions and suspensions to obtain solid materials. Common such as the preparation process of milk powder and soybean powder. The liquid material is sprayed out through the atomizer to form small droplets, which are fed into the hot air together, so that the droplets evaporate instantly, and finally a solid material is obtained. If the material to be dried is liquid, spray drying equipment can be used.