How to weld wood drying equipment with excellent performance


The wood drying equipment makes good use of the stabili […]

The wood drying equipment makes good use of the stability of the drum and the uniformity of the air flow, so that the drum and the pipe are well combined, which increases the drying strength. It needs to be welded during its production process, which is a very important step. The following will introduce the precautions required during welding: the groove should be cleaned up before welding to avoid sticky rust, oil, paint, sand, soil, etc.
Welding should be carried out according to the specifications. Spot welding should be completed by a qualified welder, and the materials and welding process used for welding should be the same as the formal welding process. When welding wood drying equipment, arc ignition should be avoided on the base metal, and the arc ignition should be smoothed, and the color inspection should be carried out to remove defects.
Spatter and slag on the weld or in the heat affected zone should be removed from the metal surface. The welding operation of wood drying equipment is a very important part of the whole production process. Whether the welding is strong or not will seriously affect the safety of customers in the future. Therefore, we need to check its tools and operators in related aspects, and only after passing the test. able to proceed.