Why does wood drying equipment catch fire?


During the production and operation of wood drying equi […]

During the production and operation of wood drying equipment, if the raw materials are not used correctly, fire will occur. This phenomenon will bring great harm to our property, economy and personnel. The following will introduce the reasons for the fire. : The wind pressure of the equipment is too large. During the operation of the dryer, the wind pressure can transmit the temperature in the drum to a large area.
If the wind pressure is too high, the temperature transfer speed will be faster accordingly, and the temperature in the drum will also rise quickly. At this time, the material will also catch fire under high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe operation of the dryer, it is necessary to ensure the appropriate air pressure and temperature in the dryer.
The model is not suitable. When drying the material, we should choose the corresponding model according to the materials of different properties and the user's processing capacity of the materials. If the user pays too much attention to the price factor when purchasing the dryer, and the selected model is too small, it cannot meet the actual demand of the material.
Not only can it not achieve the effect of drying, but in the process of forcibly heating the equipment by the user, it is easy to cause the raw material to catch fire. Therefore, we must choose the model that matches the actual production needs. Improper installation of wood drying equipment in the process of installing the drying equipment.
If you cannot follow the correct installation methods and steps, there may be improper installation, air leakage or too little wind pressure. In this way, in the operation of the dryer, it is very likely that the raw materials cannot be sucked away, which will lead to the fire of the raw materials in the dryer.