Band saw operation precautions


The band saw machine is generally operated manually. Wh […]

The band saw machine is generally operated manually. When sawing a large workpiece, two people are required to work together. When linear sawing is used, the upper part of the workpiece is held steady, closely to the saw, and it advances horizontally. The long material can be started by a small operator so that the rear end of the workpiece is not lower than the table top. The feed rate should be properly controlled according to the nature of the material and the size of the workpiece. Do not push the tug or the impact saw blade. When workers saw the back 200 mm, the next step can be pulled. When the rear end of the workpiece approaches 200 mm of sawtooth, it is necessary to release the upper hand and pull the workpiece by the lower part. When the saw blade does not reach the maximum speed after driving, do not send the workpiece to avoid suddenly increasing the motor load.
In the case of a folder saw in the course of work, it is necessary to separate the workpiece by slicing the edges of the workpiece to the sides, and do not step back so that the saw blade does not fall. There are situations such as running saws and purlins (swinging the saw blade back and forth), that is, parking should be performed. The saw blade, sawing material (road), saw card, and saw wheel should be inspected. After the saw blade is in normal operation, it is sawn again. When wood debris on the workbench saw blade path is blocked, remove it with a wooden stick and do not use your fingers to pluck. In order to prevent saw blade and saw wheel from sticking resin wood chips on the wheel surface and increase friction and resistance between saw blade and saw wheel, kerosene scrub can be used in the work.

The above is the need to pay attention to the operation of the horizontal wood band saw.