Replacement and adjustment of band saw blade


When the band saw machine is changed, first open the up […]

When the band saw machine is changed, first open the upper and lower guard doors, loosen the slide plate fixing screws, turn the lifting hand wheel, lower the upper saw wheel, and loosen the saw blade. Take out the old saw blade and put the repaired saw blade on the upper and lower saw wheel. Pay attention to the acute angle of the saw blade. Turn it downwards. Do not turn it up. Then turn the handwheel to raise the upper saw wheel and tension the saw blade.

Then turn the saw wheel by hand to see if all the saw teeth are exposed on the outer surface of the rim of the saw wheel. If not, the upper saw wheel should be adjusted until the saw teeth emerge from the rim and the edges of the upper and lower saw wheels move smoothly. It is perpendicular to the work surface.
The tensioning device for saw blade is divided into two types: spring and pressure hammer (weight hammer). This machine is a spring device. The base tension should be determined based on the width, thickness, speed, etc. of the saw blade. Fingers are usually used to move the saw blade and the tension of the saw blade is used to determine if the tension is appropriate. In general, when the saw blade is pressed by hand, the bending of the saw blade is preferably between 3.2 and 6.4 mm.
The width of the saw blade should be compatible with the width of the wheel face of the sawing wheel, and it cannot exceed the width of the wheel face.
The saw blade is clamped in the middle of the saw blade, and the bottom of the saw teeth should be in line with the outer edge of the saw clip. The saw blade cannot be clamped too tightly. It should be able to slide in the middle of the saw clip and leave gaps on both sides. Each gap is about 0.04~0.08 mm. The back of the saw blade is about 0.8 mm away from the pulley. If the saw blade has touched the pulley when it is idling, it indicates that the saw blade is behind, or the pulley is in front, or the saw blade's fitting degree disappears. You should adjust the upper saw wheel or pulley, or remove the saw blade again. Check the roller trimming.