Why does the wood drying equipment of the detail casting leak oil?


Wood drying equipment uses combustible gas as the heati […]

Wood drying equipment uses combustible gas as the heating source and drying as two parts. Through refueling operation, many users report that their equipment will leak oil after a period of time. Here are some ways to solve the equipment oil leakage. : If the wood drying equipment leaks oil during use, the machine parts will be easily worn out.

The diameter of the oil injection hole of the dryer is enlarged to ensure the lubrication of the bearing bush, and it is not easy to form a blockage to reduce the probability of oil leakage. An oil-resistant rubber plate is added between the drum oil slinger ring and the oil injection hole to block the lubricating oil from splashing outside the oil slinger ring. In order to be safe, it is necessary to solve the oil leakage problem as soon as possible, by solving the relationship between the oil sling ring and the oil injection hole of the drum dryer.

The adjustment of the fuel quantity of the fuel injection pipe requires the operation of specialized technicians. When there is an oil leak in the wood drying equipment, we should stop it immediately for treatment. If we find it in time and solve it in time, it will not cause a big mistake. We must pay attention to the refueling when we refuel the equipment. Every equipment has a refueling limit, Adding more is not good.