What problems should be paid attention to before operating the band saw machine?


Points to note before operating the band saw machine: 1 […]

Points to note before operating the band saw machine:
1) Do a comprehensive inspection before starting the machine, check in detail whether the mechanical parts and safety protection devices are good, whether the saw blade is damaged or cracked, whether there are iron nails, lead heads or other hard debris on the wood, no problems can be Turn on.
2) After starting, the saw blade can reach the maximum speed before feeding. The feeding speed should be controlled according to the hardness of the material and the presence of knots, cracks and the thickness of the sawing material; pay attention to the sawing edge when feeding, Be steady and slow when sawing, and do not use excessive force; to prevent damage to the saw blade.
3) During sawing, you should always observe the movement of the saw blade during operation. If the saw blade moves back and forth, when it makes a breaking sound and other abnormal phenomena, it should be stopped immediately to prevent the saw blade from breaking and hurting people;
4) During operation, keep a certain distance between the hand and the saw blade, the distance should not be less than 50cm, and it is not allowed to extend the hand through the saw blade to prevent injury to the hand.
5) When sawing, it is not allowed to adjust the guide rail while sawing; during the operation of the saw blade, it is not allowed to adjust the saw card to prevent accidents.
6) When feeding back the wood, you should pay attention to the position of the wood and the saw blade to avoid the collision of the wood or the removal of the saw blade. If the sawing phenomenon occurs during sawing, the wood cutting edge should be separated by hand, and do not go backwards to prevent the saw blade from falling off. When the saw blade path on the work surface is blocked by broken wood, etc., it should be peeled off with a wooden stick. If necessary, stop the machine and remove it. Do not remove it by hand to prevent hand injury.
7) When unloading the saw blade, be sure to cut off the power supply and wait for the saw blade to stop stably; when changing the saw blade, hold the hand firmly to prevent the saw blade from bouncing and hurting people.