What is the band saw blade tensioning device of the band saw machine?


The band saw blade tensioning device of the band saw ma […]

The band saw blade tensioning device of the band saw machine can give the upper saw wheel elasticity to ensure the stability of the tension of the band saw blade during operation; the old type uses a spring or lever weight mechanism, and the new type uses pneumatic and hydraulic tensioning devices. The guide device is commonly known as a saw card to prevent twisting or swinging of the saw blade during sawing; the lower saw card is fixed at the lower end of the bed, the upper saw card can be adjusted up and down along the vertical slide rail; the saw card structure has a roller type and a slider type The slider type is made of hardwood or wear-resistant plastic.

The band saw machine is a saw machine that uses a ring-shaped endless band saw blade as a saw tool to make a one-way continuous linear movement around two saw wheels to cut wood. The band saw machine is mainly composed of a bed, a saw wheel, an upper saw wheel lifting and pitching device, a band saw blade tensioning device, a saw blade guide device, a workbench, a guide plate, etc.
The saw wheel of the band saw machine is divided into a strip-shaped upper saw wheel and a web-shaped lower saw wheel; the lower saw wheel is the driving wheel, the upper saw wheel is the driven wheel, and the weight of the upper saw wheel should be 2.5 to 5 times lighter than the lower saw . The cutting speed of the band saw blade is usually 30 ~ 60m / s. The upper saw wheel lifting device is used for loading and unloading and adjusting the elasticity of the band saw blade; the upper saw wheel tilting device is used to prevent the band saw blade from falling off the saw wheel during sawing.

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