What are the points to note when using woodworking band saws?


Do carefully before homework: 1. The machine tool is fi […]

Do carefully before homework:
1. The machine tool is fixed by a dedicated person. The operator should carefully read the shift record and know the operating status of the previous machine tool and any doubts.
2. Check the machine tool and the job site, and remove any debris that is not related to the job.
3. Check that the safety protection equipment should be completely intact. Machine tools without protective equipment are forbidden to operate.
1. The viewing operation should be in a non-operating position.
2. Check that the electrical distribution box should be closed and reliable, and the electrical grounding should be excellent.
3. Check that the amount of oil in the smooth oil storage part should be sufficient and the seal should be excellent. The oil mark, oil cup, oil nozzle, etc. should be complete, the device should be correct, and the oil eye should not be blocked. Refuel according to the smooth chart rules.
4. Machine tools that are parked for more than one shift should be tested for empty operation and can only be operated after the operation is recognized as normal.  
Carefully done in the homework:
1. The machine is fixed with a dedicated person. The operator should stick to the post, operate it carefully, and do not do anything unrelated to the job. When leaving the machine tool, park the vehicle and block the power supply. For machine tools that have not been ordered back to be operated by a dedicated person, the operator should park the car and block the power supply after finishing the machine.
2. Knives and wood should be clamped correctly and fastened reliably.
3. The mechanical speed change of transmission and feed must be parked after the tool is separated from the workpiece.
4. Pay attention to the wood without nails, and be careful not to damage the knives.
1. Pay close attention to the operating conditions, smooth conditions, temperature rise conditions, and sound conditions of the machine tool. If any abnormalities are found, the vehicle should be parked and checked immediately, and the work should be performed after troubleshooting.
2. When the machine tool has an accident, you should park immediately, stick to the scene of the accident, and state the analysis and disposal of the relevant department. 
Carefully completed after homework:
1. Put the woodworking band saw operating handle to the non-operating position to block the power supply.
2. Wipe the machine tool and clean the work site.
3. For machine tools that are permanently operated by a dedicated person, all the machine questions found in the shift should be filled in the shift record book to complete the shift operation.