What is the function of the saw card in the woodworking sports car band saw machine?


The function of the automatic saw blade tensioning devi […]

The function of the automatic saw blade tensioning device of the woodworking sports car band saw machine is that when the woodworking band saw machine is sawing wood, it will generate heat due to friction, or the wood hardness is different, and when there is sawdust on the edge of the saw wheel, it will automatically turn the saw blade. Produce expansion and contraction, so that the tension of the saw blade is balanced.
If there is no automatic tensioning device, the position of the upper saw wheel will not change at any time. At this time, when the saw blade is extended, the tension will drop, and the saw blade will swing at light, which will affect the quality of the saw blade. Or the blade will fall; when the saw blade shrinks, the tension will increase, which will cause the saw blade to crack or break. Therefore, in order to solve the possibility of the above situation, the band saw machine will have an automatic saw blade tensioning device, mainly to protect the saw blade.
There is a device on the woodworking band saw machine called the saw card, which is an important structure on the band saw. Its main function is to clamp the saw blade so that the cutting part of the saw blade can maintain linear motion when sawing wood. The saw blade is relatively thin and its rigidity is small. If there is no saw jam, then when the saw wheel is running at high speed, if the saw blade is not controlled, it will swing and damage the saw blade.
The structure of the saw card:
The saw card generally uses two relatively hard and wear-resistant wooden boards, which are fixed on the base or lifting arm with bolts. They can be adjusted appropriately according to the width and thickness of the saw blade, so that the saw blade can smoothly cut the wood without noticeable gap.
The lower saw card is installed on the base, which is fixed during sawing; the upper saw card is installed on the lifting arm of the saw card. When sawing wood, the height of the upper saw card can be adjusted at any time according to the height of the wood.