What are the more classic ways to use band saws?


Many customers do not understand some basic information […]

Many customers do not understand some basic information and knowledge about the use of band saw machines. Today I will share some of the relevant information that I have consulted with you, hoping to change everyone’s prejudices and let everyone have a deeper understanding of band saw machines. . In this way, when you buy and use the band saw, you can also know it well, don't panic, and hope to inspire and help you.
Here are a few more classic ways of using band saws:
1. Straight inner angle sawing method When sawing a right-angled corner, you can first drill a round hole at the corner, and then perform the sawing in the direction of the arrow in the figure. It can be sawed directly when the corner turning room is large.
2. Oblique sawing method When sawing an oblique surface, the machine table can be inclined to the required angle. You can also make a wedge-shaped wooden board with a corresponding slope and fix it on the table without adjusting the table of the machine tool. When the workpiece is sent along this wedge-shaped wooden board, the required slope is sawn.
What are the daily maintenance of woodworking band saws?
Daily maintenance content of woodworking band saw machine:
1. Clean the inside and outside of the machine.
2. Check whether the electrical switches and circuits are normal or not damaged.
3. Check whether the motor is running normally, whether there is vibration or abnormal noise.
4. Check whether the band saw blade is installed well, whether it runs smoothly, and whether there are cracks.
5. Guide rail and screw rod refuel once per shift.