What are the significant advantages of mobile horizontal band saws?


Compared with wood sawing equipment such as traditional […]

Compared with wood sawing equipment such as traditional band saws and circular saws, mobile horizontal band saws have the following significant advantages:
1. Automation; the entire sawing process is automated, and the operation is very simple and easy. Operators do not need wood sawing experience, and they can become skilled workers after a simple training. They do not need to spend expensive money to hire professional wood sawing masters, which completely solves the problem of difficult recruitment.
2. High precision; the whole sawing process is completely controlled by the computer integrated control system to control the thickness of the sawing, with higher accuracy. For wood of different hardness and density, according to the force, select a very suitable feeding speed and automatically feed to obtain Very good sawing effect, to ensure that the sawing plane is smooth and flat.

Safety technical operating regulations for woodworking band saws:
1. The saw blade should be adjusted appropriately, first try to run, and only when the sound is normal and there is no danger of stringing, the saw can be started. Saw blade tooth side cracks exceeding 1/6 of the width of the saw blade, 1/8 cracks at the joint, two consecutive missing teeth and more than three joints are not allowed to be used. The cracks should be drilled and cut.
2. The size of the log should be adjusted before getting on the sports car. When sawing old materials, check carefully and remove iron nails and other objects.
3. The log must be close to the pile and the plate, and the crowbar must not be loosened if the hook is not properly hung. During operation, hands and feet are not allowed to extend out of the edge of the sports car to prevent collision.
4. Non-operators are not allowed to get on the car, and the sports car is not allowed to unload the timber without stopping.
5. The ruler should be accurately moved before sawing, and the size should not be changed after sawing. The saw speed should not be too strong, and it is strictly prohibited to adjust the saw clip and clean up debris and bark during operation.