What are the characteristics of woodworking band saws?


1. The body at home, electrostatic spraying process. Th […]

1. The body at home, electrostatic spraying process. The body adopts a weighted square tube frame structure, which makes the cutting more stable, which can effectively reduce the vibration or swing caused by insufficient rigidity. The stable body is an electrostatic spraying process, and the color will not fall off for a long time.
2. Cast iron countertop, stable and durable. The precision grinding cast iron workbench, the ruler is made of cast iron, with good stability.
3. Up and down saw card system, easy to adjust. The precise upper and lower saw card system adopts standard bearings to ensure the accuracy of the saw blade's front and rear, left and right operations, and effectively eliminate the saw blade's shaking or bending.
4. Pure copper motor, 2.2KW strong power. It adopts 380V three-phase asynchronous motor with sufficient power and no false standard to provide lasting power for processing.
5. Cast iron upper and lower saw wheel, good stability. The upper and lower cast iron saw wheels have undergone strict dynamic balance treatment, so the vibration is smaller and the overall operation of the machine is more stable.
6. Angle ruler 0-60° random bevel cut. The worktable can be tilted 0-45°, equipped with a precise angle ruler, the ruler has a digital angle, 0-60° adjustable, convenient to adjust the horizontal bevel angle to ensure cutting accuracy.
7. The saw card quickly raises and lowers the handle for easy adjustment. The saw card lifting and lowering adopts a gear bar structure, which can be manually lifted and lowered quickly with small clearance. The unique saw blade fast tensioning system can realize the saw blade tensioning and moving back and forth by simply turning the fast handle, making adjustment more convenient.
8. Dust removal system, clean chips without worry. The machine is equipped with a complete dust removal system. The wood chips produced are collected and discharged from the dust removal port, so there is no need to worry about wood chips afterwards.