What are the benefits of the safety performance of woodworking band saws?


In the process of using woodworking band saws, if the o […]

In the process of using woodworking band saws, if the operation is improper, or the machine is not used in accordance with the safety regulations, it is easy to cause mechanical accidents and bring great hidden dangers to the operating safety of the operators.
1. Fire. Fire hazards exist in all aspects of the whole process of wood processing, and woodworking band saw machines are a key point of fire prevention. Wood dust suspended in the space can still explode under certain circumstances.
2. Dust. Woodworking band saws will produce a lot of dust during wood processing. Small particles of wood dust deposited in the nasal cavity or lungs can cause the function of the nasal mucosa to decline, and even lead to wood pneumoconiosis.
3. Biological effects and chemical hazards. The biological effects of wood in the use of CNC band saws are mainly divided into toxicity, allergies, biological activity, etc. It can cause many different pathological symptoms and processes, such as skin symptoms, vision disorders, irritation and lesions to the respiratory mucosa, Allergic symptoms, and various mixed symptoms. The chemical hazard is due to the use of a variety of chemical substances in wood preservation and bonding, many of which can cause poisoning, dermatitis, or damage the respiratory mucosa, and even induce cancer.