The important part of the band saw machine and its role


The saw wheel is divided into a sprung upper saw wheel […]

The saw wheel is divided into a sprung upper saw wheel and a web-type lower saw wheel; the lower saw wheel is a drive wheel, and the upper saw wheel is a driven wheel, and the weight of the upper saw wheel should be 2.5 to 5 times lighter than the lower saw. The cutting speed of band saw blades is usually 30~60m/s. The upper saw wheel lifting device is used for loading and unloading and adjusting the elasticity of the band saw blade; the upper saw wheel tilting device is for preventing the band saw blade from falling off from the saw wheel when sawing. The band saw blade tensioning device can impart elasticity to the upper saw wheel, and ensure the stability of the band saw blade during operation; the old type uses a spring or lever weight mechanism, and the new type uses a pneumatic and hydraulic tensioning device. The guiding device is commonly known as a saw card to prevent twisting or swinging of the band saw blade during sawing; the lower saw card is fixed at the lower end of the bed, and the upper saw card can be adjusted up and down along the vertical sliding rail; the saw card structure has a roller type and a slider type The slider type is made of hardwood or wear-resistant plastic.

The band saw machine is widely used in the wood industry, and has many types of machines. According to the process, it can be divided into: large band saw, re-cutting band saw machine and joinery band saw machine; according to the position of the saw wheel: vertical, horizontal And inclined, vertical and divided: right and left; according to the band saw installation method: fixed and mobile; according to the number of combinations: ordinary band saw and multi-band saw Machine and so on.