Band saw machine function and composition structure


According to the use of the process can be divided into […]

According to the use of the process can be divided into:
Large band saw, horizontal wood band saw and joiner band saw machine; positioning direction according to the saw wheel: vertical, horizontal and inclined type, vertical type: right type and left type; Band saw machine installation points: fixed and mobile; according to the number of combinations: ordinary band saws and multi-band saws and so on.
 General woodworking band saws and woodworking sports cars are used together.
The technical specifications of the band saw machine are different, but the structure of the band saw machine is similar, and its working principle is basically the same as that of a band saw used for building materials. Now, the construction features of the MJ346A machine are introduced.
The MJ346A joiner saw mainly consists of the frame (body), the upper and lower saw wheel, the work table, the adjustment hand wheel, the saw ratio, the braking device, the motor and other components. All transmission parts of the machine tool are sealed to ensure safe operation. The base, the upper and lower saw wheels, and the work surface are all made of cast iron. The two saw wheels with the same diameter are installed above and below the fuselage respectively. The upper saw wheel can be moved up and down to load and unload the saw blade and adjust the tension of the saw blade. The lower saw wheel is a driving wheel and is driven by a pulley. In order to reduce the wear and noise of the saw blade and the saw wheel, a layer of belt is wrapped around the rim of the saw wheel. The work surface is directly mounted on the fuselage with a gap in the middle as a passage for the saw blade. The saw is attached to the left side of the tabletop, and the worktable can be tilted at an angle of 40o. In order to prevent the saw blade swinging left and right during sawing, a saw clip is mounted on the underside and the top of the table top. The lower saw card is directly mounted on the underside of the work table. The upper saw card is mounted on the fuselage and can be moved up and down. There is a pulley behind the upper saw card. When the saw blade runs backwards, it acts as a limiter so that the saw blade does not fall. The machine uses a method of concentrated discharge of sawdust to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace.