Analysis On The Role Of Each Part Of The Woodworking Saw Machine


In the woodworking sports car band saw machine, an impo […]

In the woodworking sports car band saw machine, an important part is the carpentry sports car. Its purpose is to load logs and send the wood to the feeding device of the saw blade, so that the band saw can realize automatic feeding and sawing of wood. The structure of the sports car is composed of the frame, the piles, the disc, the rocking device, the jamming device, the automatic retreat device and the walking device. Let's understand the functions of each part separately.
Frame: The main body of the sports car, which is generally made of section steel or castings. The axle is installed under the frame, and the outer end of the axle is equipped with trapezoidal sheaves, so that the frame can walk back and forth along the track. The car disc is installed on the car frame, used to lay the logs flat, and is also a slideway for the car piles.
Pile: This component is installed vertically on the carriage slide, and can be moved back and forth under the action of gears and racks. It is mainly used for axial positioning and lateral advancement of logs.
Rocking device: It can make the piles move forward and backward horizontally. Currently, it is generally controlled automatically by electric power.
Clamping device: It is mainly used to clamp the log tightly with a hook, so that the wood will not move and rotate during sawing. The movement of the hook is manual and mechanical transmission.
Automatic retreat device: The function is to make the frame automatically move a certain distance outward when the sports car is reversed, which can prevent the wood from contacting the saw blade and causing the strip to fall.
The function of the saw blade automatic tensioning device is that when the woodworking band saw machine is sawing wood, it will generate heat due to friction, or the hardness of the wood will be different, and when there is sawdust on the edge of the saw wheel, it will automatically stretch the saw blade to make the saw blade The tension is balanced.
If there is no automatic tensioning device, the position of the upper saw wheel will not change at any time. At this time, when the saw blade is extended, the tension will decrease, and the saw blade will swing at light, which will affect the quality of the saw blade. Or the blade will fall; when the saw blade shrinks, the tension will increase, which will cause the saw blade to crack or break. Therefore, in order to solve the possibility of the above situation, the band saw machine will have an automatic saw blade tensioning device, which mainly plays a role in protecting the saw blade.