Band saw machine chip removal device and maintenance


Chip removal device The band saw is equipped with an ai […]

Chip removal device The band saw is equipped with an air pump and a chip removal device equipped with a tuyere. When the band saw machine starts, the air pump starts at the same time, and the compressed air blows the chips from the sawing part of the workpiece through the air nozzle to ensure the smooth progress of the sawing.
Maintenance and safe use of the band saw machine (1) Before starting up, inject lubricating oil into the oil filling holes according to the instructions. (2) Before sawing, run an empty car for a few minutes to observe whether it runs normally. (3) Before sawing, check whether the tightness of the band saw blade is moderate. Otherwise, not only will the quality of sawing be affected, but also the band saw blade may come off or break and cause accidents. (4) Before trimming the welding seam of the band saw blade, the grinding wheel should be idling for 3 to 5 minutes, and the beating should be observed, the grinding wheel should be trimmed, and then the band saw blade should be trimmed.
The band saw adopts a method of intensively discharging sawdust to ensure the cleanliness of the work site. Hangzhou Lin'an Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of band saws, mobile band saws, automatic woodworking band saws, and horizontal woodworking band saws. Through more than 20 years of research and development, relying on strong technical force and advanced patent manufacturing Technology and good reputation have won the trust and welcome of new and old customers.
This band saw machine is suitable for all kinds of wood mills, packaging factories, furniture factories, etc. as a small material processing saw, for longitudinal section small-size round wood, square wood. The band saw machine is suitable for the processing of medium-diameter logs or square logs after being cut by a large sawing machine. It can also process small-sized materials such as boards, ash wood slats for construction and packing box boards, which can make full use of wood. It can be used by furniture factories and construction industries, wood processing factories and industrial and mining enterprises.
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