Advantages of mahogany dryer equipment


There are many types of wood dryers. Different types of […]

There are many types of wood dryers. Different types of dryers are available according to different types of requirements. Redwood drying equipment is a very common mahogany drying equipment. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the mahogany wood drying equipment.
The mahogany drying equipment mostly uses vacuum high-frequency mahogany dryer. This type of mahogany drying equipment is more suitable for cost-effectiveness and is favored by customers. The following is a brief introduction to mahogany drying equipment (redwood vacuum high-frequency dryer) ).

1: The high-frequency plate makes the mahogany in the middle directly heated by the whole uniform, and the high-frequency heating method only acts on the moisture in the mahogany. The non-media acts of the wood does not absorb the electric field generated by the plate. In such an environment, mahogany can quickly achieve the purpose of drying mahogany, the water is vaporized, the discharged steam is discharged to the surface, and the water vapor is discharged into the tank.

2: Whoever has a boiling point under vacuum is lower than the boiling point of water in the normal state, then during the drying process of mahogany drying equipment, the moisture contained in the mahogany can begin to vaporize below the normal boiling point. Therefore, the purpose of drying in a low temperature state can be achieved, and the utility of the technology is very strong, and the problem of cracking or deformation of wood can be reduced, and the vacuum negative pressure water absorption effect is also better to accelerate the drying process.