Measures to improve the quality of mahogany drying


1. For the content of redwood, the boiled and then drie […]

1. For the content of redwood, the boiled and then dried technology is used to improve the drying quality. There are many water-soluble inclusions in the mahogany wood which hinder the movement of moisture in the wood during the drying process, which increases the difficulty of drying, and not only prolongs the drying time but also affects the drying quality. After boiling, the water-soluble inclusions can be reduced, the passage of moisture in the wood is increased, the speed of moisture movement is increased, and the drying becomes relatively easy, so that the purpose of improving the drying quality can be achieved.

2. Strengthening the research of mahogany gas dry plus conventional drying process and technology can not only meet the requirements of low carbon production, but also improve the conventional drying quality.

3. Large-scale mahogany processing enterprises should take the initiative to cooperate with universities and research institutes to carry out technical training of operators and management personnel, and formulate some drying process technologies for the actual situation of enterprises to improve the quality of drying.

4. The wood drying center is constructed at the raw material import and distribution center, and the board square material is concentrated and dried. The small enterprise can omit the dry production process and directly purchase the dry sheet. The same method can be adopted for the mahogany area where the scale advantage has been formed. Batch drying can also improve the drying quality.

5. For curved parts and large-section materials, they should be processed into blanks and then cooked according to the samples, and then the parts should be dried. The spacing between the thin sheets is 300mm. After stacking, they should be bundled with packaging strips. Can improve the quality of drying.