Woodworking band saw machine saw blade should be adjusted properly, first trial run


The saw blade of the woodworking band saw machine shoul […]

The saw blade of the woodworking band saw machine should be adjusted properly, and the sawing can be started only when the sound is normal and there is no danger of stringing. The flank crack of the saw blade exceeds 1/6 of the width of the saw blade, 1/8 of the crack at the joint, two consecutive missing teeth and more than three joints, which are not allowed to be used. Where there is a crack, the hole should be drilled. The size of the head should be adjusted before the sports car on the log. When sawing old materials, it should be inspected in detail to remove nails and other objects. The log must be close to the pile of the car, and the hook is not hung up and the crowbar is not allowed to loosen. Hands and feet are not allowed to extend out of the edge of the sports car during operation to prevent collision.

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