Wood dryer experimental process


The pre-implementation process of the test machine is a […]

The pre-implementation process of the test machine is as follows: first select a certain drying mode, then set the drying temperature, final moisture content and other process parameters, then select a drying reference, set the reference parameters, and the dryer automatically extracts the drying process according to the selected drying mode. The dryer starts working. When the internal temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. of the test machine reach the set process parameters or reference parameters, the steam generator, electric heating tube, vacuum pump, diaphragm pump, solenoid valve and other equipment are automatically controlled to be turned on and off, thereby controlling the conversion of each process. All equipment in the dryer is automatically turned off when the set final moisture content requirement is reached.

The versatile modification features of this design include wood modification and heat treatment. Wood modification includes anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, dyeing, degreasing and the like. When modifying the treatment, first select the way the treatment liquid enters the wood: the injection method and the immersion method. Through these modification methods, the performance of some poorly-performing woods can be improved, the performance of these wood logs can be increased, and the low-cost and high-performance wood products and even the special-purpose wood products can be provided to the society, thereby improving the utilization value of the wood. When heat-treating wood at high temperature, select high-pressure or vacuum environment conditions, heat the wood with 160-230 ° C (usually 180-212 ° C), improve the quality of wood, reduce the hygroscopicity and water absorption of wood, improve dimensional stability, and biological Corrosion resistance and weather resistance give a wood product with excellent performance, beautiful color and environmental friendliness. The hardware system design and overall layout of the testing machine are to achieve the above functions. The multi-functional test dryer needs to be equipped with a drying tank, a vacuum system, a heating system, a humidifying system, a dehumidification system, a fan, an electric control part, a valve and a connecting pipe. Fixed to the base.