Wood dryer equipment components and advantages


The wood dryer uses self-made flammable gas as the heat […]

The wood dryer uses self-made flammable gas as the heating source and is dried into two parts: the drum part and the serpentine tube part. The drum part: the inner drum and the outer heat preservation two layers. The inner drum is equipped with three inner spiral pieces, which can be baked. The uniform movement of the dry material is called frying heating, the secondary use of the heat source of the serpentine tube part, and the drying material is pumped into the screw by the negative pressure of the induced draft fan to separate to achieve the drying effect. The existing wood dryer Generally, coal and coal are used as heat sources. The labor intensity is high, the cost is high, the heat efficiency is high, the heat utilization is less than 30%, and the original half bucket with a water content of 35% is usually dried 3 to 4 times, while the wood dryer can make The raw material with a sweat rate of 35% is successfully dried at one time. The saving of electricity by 75% greatly reduces the drying cost. The gas of the dryer is derived from the carbonization kiln, and the methane gas produced by the carbonization of the carbonization kiln is used by the dryer. Comprehensive estimate: The annual drying cost can be reduced by nearly 10,000 yuan.

Wood drying equipment have high processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying costs. The dryer is characterized by high temperature resistance and is capable of rapid drying of materials using high temperature hot air. The scalability is strong, the design takes into account the production margin, and even if the output is increased by a small amount, there is no need to replace the equipment. The equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the tug and the rolling ring cooperate well, which greatly reduces wear and power consumption. The specially designed retaining wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the tilting of the equipment. Strong anti-overload capability, stable cylinder operation and high reliability.