What should I pay attention to when using woodworking band saws?


(1) Before homework: ① Adjust the saw blade to make it […]

(1) Before homework:
① Adjust the saw blade to make it tight enough, and the top of the tooth is 20 mm above the edge of the flywheel.
② There are hardwood blocks on the upper and lower rolling heads to clamp the saw blade so as not to swing the saw blade, but not too tightly to make the saw blade heat up.
③ Close the wooden protective cover door of the upper flywheel.
(2) In the homework:
① Separate the moving clutch of the conditioning band saw when sawing, so that it can be adjusted at any time.
② Always rub some kerosene or water on the saw blade to make it smooth and cool.
③ The upper rolling head slider should be moved to 50-100 mm of the wood sawn between the upper rolling head.
④ The speed of the sports car should be determined according to the size and texture of the sawn wood.
⑤ When the round timber is sawing square material, it is only necessary to tie it up and down. When the round timber is sawn thin, it is necessary to tie up and down together.
⑥ After the wood is sawed off the side bark or a piece of wood, when the sports car is returned, avoid the wood from hitting the saw blade due to deformation.
⑦ When the wood is sawed halfway and the sports car is about to return, the joystick installed on the sports car frame to prevent the wooden frame from moving should be grasped to prevent the wooden frame from moving.
⑧ It is forbidden to add lubricating oil or tighten bolts while the machine is moving.
⑨ When the machine tool is stopped or the sports car is loading, the sports car joystick controller should be controlled.
(3) Lower the upper flywheel after operation to relax the saw blade.