What is wood fast drying equipment


The fast wood drying equipment uses energy-saving and e […]

The fast wood drying equipment uses energy-saving and environmentally friendly air energy (also known as air source, air source water heater) heat pump heat source. The heat source part of the wood drying equipment is a high temperature air energy heat pump. The heat pump host configured according to the kiln type load capacity (deploy) absorbs the heat in the air under the work of the compressor (compressor), compresses and vaporizes it into a high temperature medium of 95-105°C (substance that plays a decisive role), and transports it to the kiln using a heat-insulating copper pipe The heat is exchanged in the inner condenser to heat the air in the kiln, and the average energy-saving efficiency (efficiency) reaches 2.78 (1KW electric energy can absorb the heat in the air to produce 2.78 times the heating capacity of about 2400 kcal); supporting high heat preservation effect The drying kiln shell and equipment structure design and reasonable drying process flow. The air energy heat pump is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product, without waste gas and pollution. The auxiliary electric heating system can be used in the wood drying industry for drying below 78℃. Drying equipment with dry temperature requirements is equipped with heat source configuration, which is especially suitable for areas with an average climate temperature of 15°C or higher. It is also more suitable for areas with high environmental protection requirements and customers who pay attention to energy-saving needs. Equipped with fan coils, it has obvious energy-saving effect in the wood constant temperature curing and paint-baking room, and it is convenient and safe to use.

Equipment composition: energy-saving and environmentally friendly air energy heat pump heat source wood drying equipment consists of air energy heat pump host, thermal insulation copper pipe, kiln exchanger, stainless steel (brick-concrete) structure kiln body, kiln door (lifting device), humidity control system, air flow Circulation (continue) system, intake and exhaust system, electric auxiliary system, detection system and control system and other parts.

Equipment principle: It uses clean power to drive the compressor to absorb the free heat in the transported air for heating, without manual operation and burning heat; it is currently an energy-saving wood drying equipment on the market. After using 1KW electric energy to absorb and transport the heat energy in the air, it will produce a heating capacity greater than 3KW; it will be converted into a high temperature medium (determining substance) of 95-105℃, and it will be transported by using (meaning: open letters or public documents) thermal insulation copper pipes. Heat the wood by exchanging heat in the kiln condenser (category: heat exchange equipment) to heat the air in the kiln, combining the advantages of conventional and dehumidifying drying, and supporting critical drying process for wood drying.

Equipment benefits:
1. No need for boiler filing, reducing annual inspection costs;
2. There is no need to conduct an environmental assessment, which avoids expenditures caused by emissions;
3. The boiler workers are reduced, and there is no need to hire boiler workers' wages;
4. Avoid the hidden danger of fire in boilers and drying kilns;
5. Automatic drying ensures the quality of drying;
6. Transport and collect the inexhaustible air for free heat heating, and the drying cost is low, which is conducive to competition in the same industry.
7. Enhance the overall image of the company, be a pioneer in environmental protection, and be an environmentally responsible enterprise with social responsibility.