What is the working principle of woodworking sports car? What are the types?


The woodworking sports car is used in conjunction with […]

The woodworking sports car is used in conjunction with a band saw. Its function is to hold the logs for walking back and forth, and cooperate with the band saw to complete the sawing of the wood. According to different structures, it can be divided into woodworking CNC sports cars and manual sports cars. The working principles and functions of the two models are the same. The difference is that the former uses numerical control to control the walking speed and the amount of wood movement, while the latter requires manual operation.
The working principle of the woodworking sports car is to clamp the logs to feed the band saw blade, and the forward and backward movement of the worktable is controlled by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, and the main shaft of the sports car is driven by the gear to reciprocate. Advance is the working stroke of sawing wood, and the backward reason is the return stroke. It runs at a certain speed for a certain interval. When the CNC system receives the forward command again, it moves forward at the same speed for the same interval. When receiving the back instruction, proceed to the return stroke until the instruction is completed.