What is the safe operation method of band saw machine?


Although there are manuals, some people still don't kno […]

Although there are manuals, some people still don't know much about woodworking band saws. They have overlooked some points that should be paid attention to, and can't give full play to the full performance of the band saw. Today, I will discuss with you the safe operation of woodworking band saws, and hope to help you.
1. The woodworking band saw machine is operated by a fixed person. The operator should stick to the post, operate it carefully, and do not do anything unrelated to the operation. When leaving the machine, stop and shut off the power supply. If there is no machine tool operated by a fixed person, the operator should stop and turn off the power after using the machine tool.
2. Tools and wood should be clamped correctly and fastened reliably.
3. Mechanical speed change of transmission and feed, the tool needs to stop after separating from the workpiece.
4. Be careful not to have nails in the wood, and be careful not to damage the tools.
5. Pay close attention to the working conditions, stable conditions, temperature rise conditions, and sound conditions of the woodworking band saw. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, stop and check immediately, and work after troubleshooting.
6. If the band saw machine fails, stop immediately, protect the failure site, and state the analysis and treatment of relevant departments.