What is the reason for the bending of the wood sawn by the woodworking band saw?


Woodworking band saw machine saw the wood bending, gene […]

Woodworking band saw machine saw the wood bending, generally there are several reasons as follows:
1. Woodworking band saw machine saw machine reason:
① The tensioning device is not working well, and the heavy hammer is too light. Generally repair the tensioning device and increase the weight.
②The rim surface of the saw wheel is worn, and the front and rear diameters are different, so the wheel rim surface is ground.
2. Reasons for saw blade:
①The tooth profile is not correct, the tooth chamber is too small, and the saw blade is narrow and biased. Correct the tooth profile, enlarge the tooth chamber, and adjust the saw road.
②Uneven tension and loose mouth, adjust the tension.
③ Too many joints and improper trimming. Try to make the saw blade joints as few as possible, or give special repairs to the saw blades with more joints.
What are the specifications for the correct use of sawmills?
Today, we will discuss with you the knowledge about sawmills in these questions, hoping to inspire and help our customers and friends, so that everyone has a deep understanding of sawmills. In this way, everyone can know what they are doing in the future, and they can play the best role of the sawing machine without rushing.
1. When using the sawmill, do not increase or decrease the speed of the shredder casually, as this will easily cause accidents. Remember not to speed up suddenly, slow down suddenly to use. To control the use of traffic.
2. When we are in use, we must check regularly and add lubricating oil, or lubricant, grease, etc. to the machine parts. Generally speaking, it is good to check once every two weeks and add lubricating oil to the parts. Make the machine can operate normally. It is easy to operate.
3. No other objects are allowed to be placed on the sawmill. Some small tools frequently used parts can not be placed on the sawmill. When you hear an abnormal sound, do not disassemble the sawmill for inspection. Be sure to turn off the power first and wait for the machine to stop running before proceeding.