What is the implementation of the dry baseline?


(1) Preheating temperature is determined according to d […]

(1) Preheating temperature is determined according to different tree species and thickness. Generally, the preheating starting temperature does not exceed 45 °C, and most of them are lower than 40 °C. When preheating, the wood must be allowed to pass through the drying stage, and if necessary, steam can be sprayed;

(2) Drying stage: According to the requirements of the process standard, the temperature should be prevented from fluctuating during the heat preservation stage, and the temperature should be prevented from rising too fast during the adjustment of the reference stage;

(3) Intermediate treatment: The intermediate treatment is to spray steam into the kiln to adjust the humidity of the air in the kiln. During the drying process, the speed of wood moisture change should be observed and recorded. The operator should enter the kiln to observe whether the surface of the wood is cracked or deformed. If it occurs, it must be recorded and marked, according to the drop of wood moisture and the surface of the wood. Change the situation in time to spray steam into the kiln, steam to ensure time, but not too long, generally one centimeter plate thickness of 2.0h, the intermediate processing temperature and the requirements of the reference phase, the relative humidity than this phase of equilibrium moisture content The relative humidity of 5 to 8% is high, and the number of intermediate treatments can be performed as needed;

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