What is the effect of moisture on wood drying equipment when drying wood?


When there is temperature in the dried wood, the moistu […]

When there is temperature in the dried wood, the moisture in the capillary in the wood will produce a pressure difference, and the moisture moves in the direction of lower temperature, so the temperature inclination also affects the movement of moisture in the wood. Therefore, the movement of moisture in the wood is affected by two inclinations. When the wood drying equipment is drying, the external temperature is always high and the internal humidity is high. The two effects are opposite; but in general, the influence of the humidity inclination is always It is greater than the influence of temperature inclination, therefore, the temperature inclination only plays a hindrance and slows drying. If the wood is used as a resistor or high-frequency heating, the inside of the wood will be evenly heated, which can greatly speed up the drying speed and reduce heat energy consumption. This is one of the development directions of wood drying equipment drying operations.
What temperature is suitable for wood drying equipment
Drying wood is a technical knowledge. It is not only a matter of drying, but also temperature and humidity. Stacking wood is also the key. The drying time of different types of wood is also different. For example, the thickness of five centimeters of white poplar needs to be at 60 mdash; 70 degrees, and the air humidity is maintained at 90 mdash; 95%. The time is 21 hours as the spray steaming stage, and then enters the drying stage , Gradually increase the temperature and reduce the humidity, and finally the temperature reaches about 90 degrees, and the air humidity is 20%; 30%, the whole time is about 10 days.
Wood drying equipment can dry crushed wood powder to make compressed boards, and can dry wood chips to make the most fashionable machine-made charcoal. The slime dryer equipment can dry the slime to make pulverized coal as another fuel, which not only saves fuel, but also responds to the national waste utilization call. The life cycle of wood drying equipment is long, and its application greatly saves electricity. In drying equipment, the fans generally used are relatively large, and the fans are almost continuously operated.