What effect can wood dryer equipment have?


Novel wood contains a lot of water, which is not conven […]

Novel wood contains a lot of water, which is not convenient to store, and it is not conducive to making solid wood furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to use wood dryer equipment to remove the remaining moisture in the wood. But it not only has the effect of removing moisture, but also adjusts the humidity of the wood so that the wood reaches the requested humidity. This is a must for a wood drying equipment with superior performance. Both functions of wood drying equipment are indispensable.
Heating is an important process for wood drying equipment to remove residual moisture. It provides sufficient heat energy for the moisture in the transpired wood, so that it is convenient for the wood drying equipment to quickly complete the request for removing moisture from the wood.
Humidity control is also an important effect that wood drying equipment cannot lack, because wood that is too monotonous can easily cause deformation and cracking problems. Once such a problem occurs, the use value and value of wood will decline.
Therefore, humidity control is also an important function that wood drying equipment can't lack. It sprays proper water vapor together monotonously to ensure that the moisture in the wood is transpired without being too monotonous, avoiding wood cracking and deformation.