What are the safety precautions for woodworking band saws?


Woodworking band saw machine is one of the main equipme […]

Woodworking band saw machine is one of the main equipment of wood processing machinery. It uses a band saw blade to cut wood in a straight line. Its main structure consists of five parts: machine base, body, upper and lower saw wheel, saw card, and saw blade tension structure. The product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, reliable performance, stable operation, simple operation and high production efficiency. And it has a wide range of adaptation. Equipped with a worktable, this band saw machine can saw square wood or round wood with corresponding flat surfaces, and can also cut plank or edge leather to form materials for use, which improves the utilization rate of wood. It is matched with woodworking sports cars and can be sawed in diameter. Larger long logs. Especially suitable for collective work and individual processing, it is an ideal woodworking machine for wood processing industry and wood product manufacturing industry.
The technical specifications of woodworking band saws are different, but their structure is similar, and the working principle is basically the same as that of band saws for lumber. Now take the MJ316 machine tool as an example to introduce its structural features. MJ316 joinery band saw machine is mainly composed of machine base (body), upper and lower saw wheel, work surface, adjustment hand wheel, saw card, brake device, motor and other components. All transmission parts of the machine tool adopt a sealed structure to ensure safe operation. The machine base, upper and lower saw wheels, and work surfaces are all made of cast iron. Two saw wheels with the same diameter are respectively installed above and below the machine body. The upper saw wheel can be moved up and down to facilitate loading and unloading of the saw blade and adjusting the tension of the saw blade. The lower saw wheel is the driving wheel, which is driven by the pulley.
In order to reduce the wear and noise of the saw blade and the saw wheel, a belt is wrapped around the rim of the saw wheel. The work surface is directly mounted on the machine body, with a gap in the middle, which serves as a passage for the saw blade. The saw card is attached to the left side of the table, and the table can be inclined at an angle of 40o. In order to prevent the saw blade from swinging from side to side during sawing, a saw clip is installed under and above the table. The lower saw clip is directly installed under the working table, and the upper saw clip is installed on the machine body and can move up and down. There is a pulley behind the upper saw card. When the saw blade runs backward, it acts as a restriction and prevents the saw blade from falling. The machine tool adopts the method of intensively discharging sawdust to ensure the cleanliness of the working place.
The main structural feature of the small woodworking band saw machine is to use two saw blades, namely the main saw blade and the scoring saw blade. When performing cutting processing, the scoring saw performs cutting in advance to ensure that the edge of the saw edge will not tear when the main saw blade is cutting, so as to obtain good cutting quality. The scoring saw blade has a small diameter, usually about 120mm, and is driven by a separate motor. The speed of the saw blade is generally above 9000r/min, and the cutting speed is generally 56-60m/s. The scoring saw blade and the main saw blade are required to be aligned in the same vertical plane. Driven by the main motor through the V-belt. According to the technological purpose, it can be divided into: large band saw, resection band saw and joinery band saw.