What are the reasons for the failure of woodworking band saws?


First, when the woodworking band saw machine is running […]

First, when the woodworking band saw machine is running, the saw blade moves back and forth, and there are abnormal phenomena such as broken noise. The saw blade may have large cracks, so stop and check immediately. The reasons for saw blade breakage are generally as follows:
1. Saw machine reason: ① Woodworking band saw machine vibration, bearing wear. The machine tool needs to be reinforced, and the bearing needs to be replaced to make it stable. ②The tensioning device is faulty and the heavy hammer is too heavy. Check the tensioning device and adjust the counterweight. ③The surface of the saw wheel is uneven. The surface of the rim should be flat. ④The upper and lower saw wheels are deflected, not on the same "vertical plane". Adjust and correct the upper and lower saw wheels.
2. Reasons for the saw blade: ① The saw blade steel is brittle and has low toughness. Choose a saw blade with good toughness. ②The saw wheel is small and the saw blade is thick. Choose a saw blade suitable for the saw wheel. Saw blade thickness = (0.0007-0.001) × saw wheel diameter. ③The tension is too large or too small. Trim with moderate tension. ④The joint is not firm and the trimming is not good. The joints are welded firmly and well trimmed. ⑤The saw teeth are not sharp and the use time is too long. The serrations are sharp, and the use time is limited to two hours. ⑥ The saw blade has cracks, so use it reluctantly. Drill a small hole at the root of the crack to avoid enlargement; if it is too large, it should be cut off and reconnected.
3. Reasons for operation: ①The feeding speed is too high. The feeding speed should be flexibly controlled according to the specific situation. ②Do not slow down when the material is fed too strongly or when there are joints. The feed is stable and slows down when there is a joint. ③There is resin on the saw wheel, and the sawdust is too thick. Scrape the resin wood chips in time.
Second. The saw blade moves back and forth or suddenly enters and exits when the saw wheel is running
This condition is called falling off the saw blade. The reasons are as follows:
① Tilt the upper wheel and adjust the upper wheel. ②The outer cone of the saw wheel is too large, and the saw wheel is uneven. Fine turning and fine grinding, leveling the rim surface. ③The wood cracks, gets stuck when returning, and pulls it out. Pay attention to wood defects during operation. ④The tensile strength decreases or even disappears due to the heat of the saw. Remove the resin sawdust on the saw wheel, saw blade and debris on the saw card, and brush the oil frequently.