What are the reasons for the cracks of the band saw blade?


Usually when using a band saw machine, especially small […]

Usually when using a band saw machine, especially small cracks are generated on the tooth back and the bottom of the tooth groove of the saw blade. If the crack expands to a certain extent, the saw blade is easy to break. Then, what is the reason for the crack of the band saw blade? Take a look.
The front edge of the saw blade is cracked, which is mainly caused by the impact and friction in the process of sawing wood to tear the tooth bottom, and the long-term stretching, impact and friction of the saw blade will fatigue the saw blade and cause cracks. There is also a common mistake that many people make. After the saw blade is used for a long time, the tooth edge will become blunt. If you continue to use it without grinding, it is easy to cause the saw blade to crack. Excessive rolling of the saw blade destroys the quality of the saw blade, and the toughness and elasticity are not up to the requirements, and it is easy to crack or break.
Everyone knows that the tensioning device on the band saw is a device that automatically keeps the saw blade properly tensioned. If the tensioning device fails or is dull, it will not protect the saw blade, and it is easy to crack and damage the saw blade.
The lack of cooling water will also affect the use of the saw blade. The saw blade will heat up due to friction during sawing. If it is not cooled in time, the saw blade will be deformed by heat, reduce its rigidity, and accelerate fatigue and cracking. The cooling water can not only cool down the saw blade, but also wash away the sawdust or other impurities on the saw blade to protect the saw blade.
The new saw blade must be run-in before sawing the wood, so that the saw teeth are naturally worn and the burrs on the tooth edges are removed, which can prevent the saw teeth from chipping and curling.