What are the precautions for the safe use of woodworking sports cars?


The woodworking sports car is used in conjunction with […]

The woodworking sports car is used in conjunction with the band saw machine. Its main function is to feed the band saw blade to realize feeding. The following are some points of attention when using it.
1. Before the log is sent to the sports car, check whether there are nails or the like on the log, otherwise the saw blade will be damaged. Adjust the size and head when installing the log.
2. The log must be close to the pile and the disc. The crowbar must not be loosened before the hook is hooked. When operating, be careful not to extend your hands and feet out of the edge of the sports car to prevent danger.
3. The size should be adjusted before the sawing, and it cannot be changed after the sawing. The speed of the sawing should not be too strong. It is forbidden to adjust the saw card and clean up the debris during the sawing process.
At present, there are manual and numerical control sports cars for woodworking sports cars. You can choose according to your needs.