What are the precautions for band saw blade replacement and installation?


The saw blade is an important accessory on the woodwork […]

The saw blade is an important accessory on the woodworking band saw machine. It uses the rotation of the saw blade to cut wood. After the saw blade is used for a long time, the saw teeth will become blunt due to wear and tear. We need to replace the saw blade in time to affect normal use. So, what installation matters should we pay attention to when replacing the band saw blade, let's take a look:
Before installing the band saw blade, check whether the saw blade is damaged and the installation of the tooth shape, and whether the saw board is flat and smooth. When installing, pay attention to the direction of the saw teeth. The upper and lower saw wheels should not shake left and right, and the amount of jump should be controlled, so that the saw blade can run smoothly and reduce the cracks of the saw blade.
After the band saw blade is installed, check the tension. If the saw blade is not tight enough for easy sawing, you can press the middle position of the saw blade by hand to have a certain elasticity. There should be a 1mm gap between the back of the saw blade and the edge of the saw wheel. If the back of the saw blade rubs against the edge of the saw wheel, the saw blade will be damaged.
The new saw must be run-in first when it is used. If it is used directly without run-in, the service life of the band saw blade will be shortened. First cut into the wood slowly, and then slowly adjust to the normal sawing state after there is no abnormality, and fully run the band saw blade well, which can increase the use time of the saw blade.