What are the performance characteristics of the band saw machine?


Band saw machine has the following performance characte […]

Band saw machine has the following performance characteristics: Laminate floor surface processing is a cutting-edge equipment, high precision, fast speed, ultra-thin cutting. main feature
1. Humanized microcomputer operation interface, simple and convenient operation.
2. The high-precision rotary encoder cooperates with the precision ball screw to control the cutting thickness, and the accuracy is higher.
3. The specially designed multi-group pressing device ensures that the wood can be reliably pressed during sawing, and the operation is safe.
4. The thickness tolerance is 0.1mm-0.2mm so that the sawing surface will not produce seam gaps.
5. The sawing loss is only 1.1-1.6mm, which can save about 20% of the material compared with other processing methods and greatly reduce the cost.
6. Auxiliary material returning system saves manpower, effort and time.
How to choose a good band saw machine?
The first choice to identify a good product is that the simpler it is to operate, the better. The second is the choice of the durability of the band saw. The band saw machine is mainly the choice of the band saw wheel. The band saw wheel needs to be cast with a counterweight. The band saw machine has very high accuracy. Do not choose a welded band saw machine. First, the accuracy is not good, and the other is Not easy to operate. The third is that there is no accurate accuracy at all.