What are the characteristics and scope of application of wood dryer equipment?


Features of wood drying equipment: (1) Adopting heat pu […]

Features of wood drying equipment:
(1) Adopting heat pump dehumidification closed-circuit drying method, saving operating costs; no waste heat emission, no noise pollution, and environmental protection;
(2) Adopt our company's patented regenerative heat pump dehumidification method, which broadens the application range of the dryer in the industrial drying field. The drying performance is more energy-efficient than ordinary heat pump dehumidification and drying, which greatly saves operating costs;
(3) High and middle temperature drying method, close to natural drying, good quality of dry goods, good color, high product grade, no pollution, significant energy saving effect, and more in line with environmental protection and sanitation requirements.
(4) The material is not deformed, cracked, discolored, not degraded, and not oxidized. It is completely dried after drying. After drying, it replenishes well, has less nutrients, and has a long storage time. Compared with the traditional drying device, the drying device protects the dried product more effectively The color, aroma, taste, individual form and active ingredients.
(5) Fully automatic control mode, stable performance (explanation: stable and stable; no change), easy to operate; using programmable PLC control mode, different drying temperatures can be set to meet different types of material drying methods;
(5) The drying period (deceleration drying) shortens the drying cycle and saves later operating costs;
(6), fully guarantee the performance of the entire unit and equipment, Copeland compressor, expansion valve, etc.;
(7) The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the unit area is small;
The scope of application of drying equipment: wood processing plants, food, medicine.