What are the advantages of using a small woodworking band saw machine?


4 advantages of daily maintenance of small woodworking […]

4 advantages of daily maintenance of small woodworking band saw machine.

The daily management of equipment mainly includes the following contents: equipment inspection management, equipment lubrication management, equipment maintenance management, spare parts management, and safety management.
(1) Equipment inspection
In order to maintain the performance of the equipment, the equipment spot inspection system refers to the operation of the equipment by the operator or maintenance worker with intuitive visual inspection and simple test tools in accordance with the specified inspection standards (contents) and cycle within the specified time. Kinds of inspection methods.
The small woodworking band saw machine spot inspection system has the following advantages over traditional daily maintenance:
1. Identify the hidden dangers of the equipment in time, eliminate the failure in the bud, and prevent the further deterioration of the equipment and the occurrence of equipment accidents.
2. Through accumulating inspection materials, continuously sum up experience, improve maintenance standards, maintain stable equipment performance and extend equipment life.
3. The point inspection system is one of the main channels for equipment operation information feedback.
4. During the equipment inspection, the individual advocates the participation of all employees. The management personnel, operators, and auxiliary personnel related to the equipment all put forward their own opinions, and then standardize and organize to form a set that reflects the humanized design and has strong operability. Check system.
The contents of the small woodworking band saw machine inspection are summarized as follows:
1. There are ten elements for equipment inspection: pressure, temperature, flow, leakage, grease supply status, abnormal sound, vibration, cracks, wear, slack, etc. are used as inspection diagnosis
2. Important parts (points) for equipment inspection: sliding parts, rotating parts, transmission parts, parts in contact with raw materials, load supporting parts, and parts corroded by medium.
(2) Lubrication management of small woodworking band saw machine equipment
The correct selection of various types of lubricating materials, and lubrication according to the prescribed lubrication time, parts, and quantity, to reduce friction and wear, so that the equipment has good lubrication is an important guarantee for the safe, stable, continuous, and efficient operation of the equipment.
Requirements for lubrication management of small woodworking band saw machine equipment:
1. Formulate various management systems, compile lubrication procedures, check the implementation of the lubrication system, and achieve "five fixes" (fixed point, fixed oil, fixed amount, fixed time, fixed person).
2. Guide the correct use of lubricating oil (grease), reasonable storage of oil products and daily maintenance work of oil quality.
3. Supervise the laboratory personnel to check the quality of the oil in storage.
4. Earnestly manage waste oil recycling.