The safety of the wood dryer production process should be taken seriously


The wood dryer equipment is a large-scale equipment tha […]

The wood dryer equipment is a large-scale equipment that is widely manipulated. The safety of the wood dryer production process should be seriously considered. Production must be safe and safe to produce normally. In the general environment, when safety and production conflict (such as personal and rigid), the first thing to obey is safety. This experience is exchanged for blood and wealth and must not be forgotten. In order to ensure safe production, the wood dryer must look at the fireworker:
(1)Design and Research of Multi-purpose Test Wood Dryer
(2) Other
(3) Design of electronic control part. The electronic control part includes a dry and wet bulb temperature sensor, a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor, a moisture content measuring instrument, a water level sensor, a solenoid valve, an electric control cabinet, and the like. During the drying process of the wood, the detected values are transmitted to the control cabinet, which are compared with the computer input set value and the dry reference parameter value. Then the controller adjusts the opening and closing of the control element to make the work proceed according to the preselected program. The function parameters of the test machine are designed. Before the test machine is working, the staff needs to input the preset function parameters and the dry reference parameters to the computer, so that the cooking, drying and other operations are carried out according to the definition requirements. Through the experiment of each process, combined with the bearing capacity of the testing machine, the range of preset function parameters of the testing machine is summarized. The preset parameters and range values of wood drying are shown in Table 1. The multi-functional modified preset drying standard is a schedule for adjusting the temperature and humidity changes of the drying medium during the manual drying process of wood, which is the basis for the adjustment of the drying process. In the actual drying process, the drying of the reference table can be carried out correctly, and the drying process of the wood can be reasonably controlled to ensure the dry quality of the wood. Optional drying benchmarks for multi-purpose experimental dryers are: moisture content benchmark, time drying benchmark, continuous temperature drying benchmark, and dry gradient benchmark. Select a drying reference before the test machine is working, input the dry reference parameters, and make the experimental process run automatically according to the benchmark. This design can be used to establish a reference parameter table in a computer through multiple experiments, and also provide a benchmark parameter basis for wood drying manufacturers.