Solar drying equipment and hot pressing drying equipment


Solar drying equipment Rich in energy, no environmental […]

Solar drying equipment
Rich in energy, no environmental pollution, low operating cost, limited by natural conditions, high equipment investment, easy to break parts, high maintenance costs, microwave drying equipment, fast drying speed
No cracking, deformation, maintaining the true color of the wood, the power consumption is extremely high, requiring special maintenance personnel, complicated equipment, high investment, only for small-scale production, high depreciation of equipment
Destroy the natural texture of wood. Infrared drying equipment, simple equipment, low investment, fast heating speed, easy to realize flow operation, high production efficiency, only suitable for thin plate production
Hot pressing wood drying equipment
The drying speed is fast, the board surface is flat after drying, the stability is good after drying, the surface hardness is enhanced, the scale is serious, the surface color is darkened and dark, and the board is brittle, the equipment is complicated, the investment is large, the running cost is high, and the operation personnel are many.
Chemical drying equipment
Strengthen wood anti-corrosion, low drying cost, low investment, dirty materials after drying, increase flammability, uneven drying, and destroy the natural function of wood