Seize the smart manufacturing opportunity, the existing machine tool enterprises have opened digital manufacturing


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pro […]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to promote the “two-step” strategy for smart manufacturing implementation before 2025. The first step is to increase the development base and support capabilities of smart manufacturing by 2020. The traditional manufacturing key areas are basically digitally manufactured, with conditions and foundation. The key industry's intelligent transformation has made significant progress; the second step is that by 2025, the intelligent manufacturing support system will be basically established, and key industries will initially achieve intelligent transformation. Among them, the specific goals for 2020 include the development of a number of high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, robots and other intelligent manufacturing key technical equipment, the domestic market satisfaction rate of more than 50%. Break through a number of key common technologies for intelligent manufacturing. The core support software domestic market satisfaction rate exceeds 30%. We will cultivate more than 40 system solution providers with main business income of more than 1 billion yuan and strong competitiveness, and the initial formation of intelligent manufacturing ecosystem.
Advancing smart manufacturing can effectively shorten product development cycles, improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce operating costs and resource and energy consumption. Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing is of great significance for improving the adaptability and flexibility of China's manufacturing supply structure and cultivating new kinetic energy for economic growth. It is precisely because of the bright development prospects and huge business opportunities of intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing. The professional manufacturers of famous CNC machine tools such as Shenyang Machine Tool, Beiyi Precision Machinery and Xinyue Machine Tool have been actively deployed, opening a new journey of digital manufacturing.
When the market demand has an inflection point, the CNC machine tool industry can only adapt to the market demand and adjust the strategy in time to be in an invincible position in the market. Opportunities and challenges coexist, although the period of industrial transformation and upgrading is difficult, but it is also a major opportunity for the development of machine tool enterprises. It is precisely because of the development opportunities behind this, Shenyang Machine Tool, Beiyi Precision Machinery, Xinyue Machine Tool bold breakthrough, have launched innovative initiatives.
As an innovation in the machine tool industry, Shenyang Machine Tool has boldly launched the world's first intelligent machine tool i5 CNC machine tool. Only two years after its launch, the sales of i5 CNC machine tools will increase by 10 times, and the innovation results are gratifying. The i5 intelligent machine tool also gave birth to a new model of manufacturing sharing economy. This year, Shenyang Machine Tool Group launched a smart factory construction nationwide, launching a series of new business combination punches such as productivity leasing, financial leasing and remanufacturing. Orders increased by 2.4 times year-on-year. Machine tools not only manufacture products, but also generate data in real time. The person in charge of Shenyang Machine Tool Company said that the i5 intelligent machine tool has subverted the traditional production methods and consumption methods, which is an innovative breakthrough in the history of Chinese industry. The i5 intelligent machine tool enables Shenyang machine tools to step into the era of intelligent manufacturing, and can process higher-precision and more complex products online and improve the quality of Chinese manufacturing.

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